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Elements of Preventive Maintenance

The following are some important functions of the preventative maintenance program:
1. Inspection or checkups

The investigation is a fundamental capability of the preventive mainte­nance program. Crews kept for this purpose should be well-trained. These teams compete for both external and internal inspections. External inspection means looking for and identifying defects from unusual sound, vibration, heat, and smoke. When the machine is in operation, internal inspection ensues – inspection of internal parts, for example, gears, bushes, bearings, toler­ances in the parts, etc., during the time when the machine is under planned shutdowns.

2. Lubrication

Mechanical parts – gears, bearings, bushes, and other friction surfaces; offer execution for extensive stretches when deliberately greased up. Efficient lubrication is the application of lubricant at the perfect time, at the right place, and in the right amount. For lubrication, a schedule ought to be ready and followed rigorously.

3. Planning and scheduling

Each preventive maintenance must be pre-arranged in detail; based on the examination done on the past records. A scheduled program should be followed; in this manner, the program must specify the points requiring daily, weekly, monthly, half-yearly, or yearly attention.

4. Records and Analysis

Record keeping is fundamental for good preventive mainte­nance, as it helps in forecasting maintenance.

5. Training of maintenance staff

For the success of preventive maintenance, sound preparation is important for the maintenance personnel. Thus the professionals and supervi­sors are prepared to implement maintenance, inspection, and repairs deliberately.

6. Storage of spare parts

Sometimes machines stay inactive for the need for extra parts for a significant time. Accordingly, it influences extensive loss of production. Henceforth, it is essential to keep the spare parts away from loss of production.

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At the heart of our operations lies the design of control panels. We form strategic partnerships with leading industry brands to incorporate products into our designs, ensuring compliance with UL standards. Our design ethos centers on prioritizing safety, functionality, and durability, with careful consideration given to factors such as heat calculations, environmental conditions, and sizing. Moreover, we adeptly construct control panels based on the specific panel schematics, bill of materials, and documentation supplied by our valuable customers.


Engineering is our core competency. With an in-house team of mechanical, electrical, and programming experts, we provide precise solutions to address any of your control panel queries or challenges. Our engineers excel in developing new programs, refining existing ones, and seamlessly transitioning your current program to a new panel. Furthermore, our mechanical and electrical engineers contribute to the precise design and manufacturing of control panels, ensuring strict adherence to UL standards.


Our skilled fabrication team of technicians, is supported by advanced automated tools for swift turnaround. Every control panel crafted and programmed by Infinity Industrial Controls undergoes rigorous 100% testing to guarantee customer satisfaction. We have the shortest LEAD times in the business and will have you fully automated in as little as two weeks.


Infinity Industrial Controls has established a notable reputation in the industry and among competitors due to our unparalleled speed in delivering control panels. Our distinctive value-added capabilities enable us to achieve quicker turnaround times compared to competitors, without compromising on our high-quality standards. In addition, we collaborate with top global logistics firms to provide worldwide delivery, complemented by our fleet of trucks for efficient local delivery services.


Our commitment lies in delivering products that seamlessly align with our customers’ unique needs and expectations

Control Panel Building

  • Our control panels are UL508a certified. We design, build, program, install, and start-up control panel systems.

Control Panel Emergency Services

  • Onsite After Project Support
  • 24/7 Emergency Response for Repairs and Preventive Measures


  • We work with Original Equipment Manufactures (OEM)

Servicing all Control Panel Applications

  • Our engineers and service technicians diagnose, troubleshoot, and repair drives, motors, PLC, and control panel rewiring. Since 2010, Infinity’s expertise ranges from providing service to power authorities and transport agencies to OEM machine building for fiber optics manufacturers.

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Five Star Reviews

Pedro DiazPedro Diaz
01:49 02 Aug 23
Larry HaleLarry Hale
21:11 22 Mar 23
I needed to find a flexible "UL" panel shop for a UL508a PLC control panel. Infinity beat Rockwell's lead time by one-half. The people are a gem at this company, and they do quality design and fabrication. I don't think there was even one negative comment about the finished panel. The team under Chris Rath was the person I interfaced with, and you can't find a more responsive manager than Chris.
Pedro DiazPedro Diaz
09:56 07 Dec 22
Alejandro SalinasAlejandro Salinas
13:03 13 Aug 22
Glenn IversonGlenn Iverson
13:50 01 Apr 22
Ron MarcinskiRon Marcinski
18:14 12 Nov 21
I’ve worked with Infinity for several years now on everything from small repairs to capital expenditures, and have always found them to be competent, reliable, and responsive. My site is a manufacturing facility that has the same problem as everyone else does. We need reliable experts that approach each job as if it was important and are fairly priced. In this, they are unrivaled in the Tampa Bay area, and I cannot recommend them highly enough. Of special mention are Bobby (a tremendously skilled engineer) and Chris (who definitely understands the importance of communication).As I said, I’ve used their services for years, and am happy to recommend them.
Ed MabeEd Mabe
15:12 02 Nov 20
Since first contacting Infinity Industrial Controls about building custom proof of concept unit I have been uniformly impressed with their responsiveness and excellent work product. Our initial meetings were open and honest discussions where all viewpoints were heard. The final product (which met all expectations) was the proof of their skill and the effectiveness of their collaborative approach.
Eddie HortonEddie Horton
19:35 06 Jul 20
I've enjoyed a professional relationship with Infinity Industrial Controls for 8 years.They're always a phone call away and ready and willing to respond, diagnose, and correct to our immediate control needs as well as participate in our capital improvement projects.We've relied on Infinity heavily to help us plan, create, and implement improvements that has yielded increased productivity, minimized downtime and scrap, and improved quality.From simple PLC drives and monitor displays, to motors and gear boxes, to oven and thermal oxidizer controls... they've been with us through it all.
D AndersonD Anderson
16:51 12 May 20
We found ourselves in quite a predicament, we were in need of a complex electrical panel to complete a large cold storage project and our previous electrical supplier changed their ETA for the panel we ordered. We scrambled to find someone who could build a custom panel to our required specifications in 2 weeks instead of 10 weeks, as other suppliers quoted, all while a global pandemic was beginning to impact the U.S.I came across Inifinity through a Google search. I spoke with Chris Rath, told him what we needed and not only were they able to meet that nearly impossible deadline and save the project, they provided a finished product that exceeded our expectations at a reasonable cost. Our Control Systems Manager was impressed with the expertise and knowledge of the entire staff including their CEO Lynette, and I was impressed with the flow of communication and updates we received as our panel was being built. We will definitely be using Infinity again for future projects!