Lynette Barry

Founder / CEO

Lynette Barry is The Founder and CEO of Infinity Industrial Controls, Inc.

In 2010, as a start-up, IIC was created by Ms. Barry using only personal funds. Guided by a vision to revitalize American industry through automation, she has used her years of business management training to grow her company and has spent much of her career focused primarily on project management and applications that work for the betterment of mankind. She sits on the board of the Electrical Automation Advisory Committee at Pinellas Technical College, where she is the lead automation adviser, providing statistics and technical data to the executives for their electrical automation curriculum. A Tampa native, Ms. Barry has invested much into the economic future of the Tampa Bay area. Through her vision, plus bold marketing & bright collaboration, she is helping create a highly-skilled, homegrown electrical workforce resulting in more local and national jobs in her field. Some of her most prestigious clients are the City of Tampa, Multiple theme parks in Orlando, General Motors, Yuengling Beer Company, MJM Electric, Tampa International Airport, Mitsubishi Heavy Industry America, Orlando International Airport & Duke Energy, as well as a burgeoning array of OEM’s. They all look to Infinity to provide them with high tech automation solutions and site support.


Robert "Bobby" James

Senior Field Engineer

With over 25 years’ experience in process controls, engineering, design, drawings, managing installations, programming PLC/SCADA & commissioning, upgrades, new builds, as well as R&D, Bobby James is Infinity’s own Machine Whisperer. With 10 years of traveling the world under his belt, for every industry imaginable, has put his skills to the test. If there is programming, retro fitting, integration of older systems with state of the art components that needs to be done he is the expert our many repeat customers ask for by name. His projects range from the David L. Tippin Water Treatment Facility, chemical Building Panel(s) replacement project to The City of Tampa's Instructor for Drive set-up training and PLC programming training for City electrical maintenance crews to Doosan Hydro Technology Water Treatment Plant Project; engineered, build, skid assembly, wiring and programming for Doosan’s 280-million-dollar project for the middle east.

David M. Negrón

Administration Manager

David holds the position of Administration Manager at Infinity Industrial Controls, where he leverages over 5 years of combined expertise in Client Onboarding, Human Resources, and Workforce Management. His professional journey is defined by an unwavering commitment to excellence, a profound enthusiasm for effective communication, and a steadfast dedication to process refinement.

David's proficiency in professional communication and workforce management has played a pivotal role in advancing Infinity's mission and vision. He is a proponent of fostering a constructive and productive work environment, adhering to the principles of Servant Leadership as the cornerstone of his approach. David excels in challenging professional landscapes, earning a reputation for adeptly making difficult decisions and skillfully communicating them. Furthermore, David places a significant emphasis on collaboration and teamwork. He has been an indispensable contributor to numerous successful projects, leaving a lasting positive impact on both clients and Infinity.

Myles Callahan

OEM Build Manager

With over ten years' experience in the electrical and aviation sectors, Myles is a distinguished figure at Infinity Controls. A strong background in aircraft fabrication coupled with Airframe & Powerplant (A&P) licensure underpin his leadership in custom control panel building. His innovative, precise method of production has elevated the company's offerings, blending his avionics expertise with an intricate understanding of control systems. As the panel shop leader, Myles drives excellence through profound technical knowledge and a meticulous approach, setting industry benchmarks for quality and efficiency. Outside of work, you can find Myles on adventures with his dog, Nash.

Ed Grimm


Ed Grimm began his career in the United States Air Force. He received his initial training as an engineer on F-4 and F-15 fighter air crafts. During his tenure, he earned numerous awards for outstanding performance. This led to a career at McDonnell Douglas where he worked on the Peace Sun project in Saudi Arabia as an inspector and trainer for the Royal Saudi Air Force warrant officers in F-15 maintenance. Ed is also a licensed airframe & power-plant engineer having worked on both corporate & commercial jet air crafts. From 2000 to 2008 Ed worked at NASA as an aerospace engineer where he performed assembly and testing of solid rocket booster thrust vector control systems. During this time, he received numerous awards and was responsible for upgrading the quality and performance of systems with the actual result being a system that had previously been found to have 13 to 20 leaks on average upon build completion. Under Ed’s watch, a zero-leak build became the new standard. He continued at NASA as a certified calibration inspector for the Kennedy Space Center Calibration laboratory. Ed went on to do pioneering work in the field of hydrogen energy, creating new green energy solutions for which he holds several patents. Ed now brings his multi-disciplined expertise to Infinity Industrial Controls as our quality control engineer.

Wyatt Bowman

Internal Sales Manager

Wyatt brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the table, specializing in optimizing service operations and elevating customer satisfaction. His career has been distinguished by a steadfast commitment to process improvement and service delivery, underpinned by a solid technical foundation. As a seasoned leader, Wyatt has consistently delivered exceptional service experiences.
Before joining Infinity Industrial Controls, Wyatt showcased his versatility across various roles, including customer experience management, digital application programming, parking meter maintenance, and excelling as an IT hardware engineer at a national retailer's corporate headquarters. His skill set spans asset disposition, VOIP engineering solutions, and the successful execution of large-scale depot repair initiatives.
Wyatt's diverse proficiencies encompass inventory management, system administration, leadership, troubleshooting, and optimizing process flows. His comprehensive skill set positions him as a valuable asset to Infinity, aligning with our commitment to enhance customer experiences and elevate service delivery standards.
In essence, Mr. Bowman is a results-driven professional dedicated to setting high service standards across diverse domains. His proven track record positions him as the right choice to spearhead Infinity’s Service Division.

Mike Dawson

Louisville Robotic Systems Manager


Cheryl Cabanaw


Cheryl is a multi-talented business professional with a diverse background that includes extensive sales, marketing, and management experience. With a masters of finance, she is accustomed to accepting responsibility and delegating authority and has an innate ability to plan, organize, develop, implement, and supervise complex programs and projects. Her expertise in managing daily operations and planning the use of materials, including human resources makes her a true leader. Competent in forecasting and the understanding complex financial and operating reports, she consistently exceeds goals and quotas regularly. A natural communicator, Cheryl puts everyone she meets at ease which is the perfect skillset for our second in command!

Curtis Miller

Senior Engineer

Curtis Miller has been an Electrical Engineer for over 35 years and Engineering manager for 20+ years’. He has lead product development teams with electrical, software, and mechanical engineers. He holds a BSEE and a Master of Science in Environmental Engineering. His broad range of direct experience with AC and DC drives, power distribution, machine controls, and intelligent automation as well as his robust skillset makes him one of Infinity Industrials most valuable associates for consecutive years.

Complete redesign of PANERA BREAD commercial control Panel/system resulting in creation of a Hy-Brid panel with PLC/HMI functionality controlling entire operation, which is now their new corporate standard.

Mick Fiato

Marketing Specialist

Mick possesses a distinguished career spanning over a decade in camera operation, filmmaking, and digital marketing. Her professional journey commenced in New York, where she served as a camerawoman for ABC News, an experience that ignited her enduring passion for camera work. With a keen eye for aesthetics and a commitment to creating digital content that is not only visually appealing but also of substantial value to users, Mick has demonstrated versatility across various domains. Her expertise encompasses theater and news production, further enriched by her successful venture into the realm of social media management. Mick's comprehensive background and innovative approach have solidified her reputation as a versatile and skilled professional in the digital content creation industry.