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Would you like to talk to a live electrical engineer about a custom control panel? Call us now! 

Custom control panel plan and assembly for Infinity Industrial is about craftsmanship. We grasp the significance of perfect, organized wiring, particularly at any point if you need to change a panel in future or investigate an issue — no spaghetti wiring with our panels. We are likewise knowledgeable in the necessities for building UL508a compliant panels. Every custom control panel’s interior and exterior worked at Infinity Industrial are carefully set up with craftsman expertise and marked with simple to-peruse engraved labels. Infinity Industrial can work on your print details or plan custom panels for you.

Our shop has an earth environmentally work area, and that implies no project or amount is too huge or excessively little. Assuming that you really want a custom craft, Infinity Industrial satisfies custom projects
that require designing expertise from beginning plan to conclusive creation. We give a custom statement in the span of 48 hours of accepting your specs and prerequisites.

Whether you’re a manufacturing organization, designing firm, or OEM, having the ability to fabricate panels in-house doesn’t mean panel building isn’t depleting your resources. Infinity Industrial conveys top quality boards so you can focus on your main business. We tackle solving difficulties and construct panels with the goal that you don’t need to. Figure out what we’re prepared to do and present your specs to get your quote in 48
hours or less.

The Electrical Engineers at Infinity Industrial will specially craft modern controls to your
particular requirements, including:

● Work to-print or custom builds
● Complete turnkey arrangements
● Application assessments
● OEM builds & Private Labeling
● Back Panel format and plan
● Reasonable design
● Equipment and part specification
● Live framework testing
● PLC, HMI, and PC-based control frameworks
● Panel fabrication
● In-house testing
● Custom programming
● Configuration assemble

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