What Can I Do About My Aching Controls?

That old saw of “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” rings true today with much of the small businesses and small industries relying on machines built decades ago with only reactionary maintenance, if any, being performed. We all want our machines to run, when they work we can make our products and thus our profits. When we push the button and the machine just sits there motionless we get the call. But we not only get the machine back into production lightning fast we also look at the future of the machine and how we can keep you up and running.

Preventative maintenance for the electronics is just as valuable as keeping the mechanical parts properly lubricated and replacing worn parts before they break. And we do both, but with our advanced thermal imaging we can detect the electronic problem before it burns out.




Visitors Corner

Infinity welcomes Tito from a local OEM. His company is his passion which was built over the last decade and has established an industry reputation of quality and know-how that keeps his clients coming back for more. IIC is happy to be serving this fine gentlemen and further the goals of his company!

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