Automation is at the forefront of business — automotive, retail, energy and many other industries are opting toward automation. How does one begin the process of automating their business? The genesis of automation is the how behind it — PLC, programmable logic controllers, are the heart of automating machines. Technology moves extremely fast; as businesses run toward more accelerated and efficient systems — automation is inevitable, and programmable logic controllers are vital.

Businesses know the need for automation in their day-to-day processes, but how do they get started? Previously, companies had to rely on relay networks to automate processes. The most efficient way to enter automated space is via programmable logic controllers. With relay networks — downtimes and bottlenecks are inevitable, and one error can dramatically reduce lead time; utilizing Virtual Private Networks PLCs provides remote diagnostic solutions for troubleshooting and error handling.

The components of a PLC begin with inputs and outputs — buttons, power supply, networks, switches, devices, etc. I/O is fundamental for communication amongst components. Programmable logic controllers are the base layer of automation for external applications. A business might opt to run a PLC for a single application or an entire operation. PLC interaction occurs via an HMI or Human Machine Interface. Finally, a PLC is connected — to a power supply or central CPU.

Some of the industries to integrate automation are travel, retail, food and beverage, and manufacturing. Similarly to the internet or the automobile, migration is upon us — businesses do not want to be left behind. Why integrating PLC is a no-brainer, it is the technology behind automation — a building block for the 4th Industrial Revolution.
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