PM Generators, The Future of Power

According to Simply Insurance: “There are 31.7 million small businesses in the United States”. That’s a lot of energy! Millions of businesses, having to opt for a fragmented grid relying primarily on fossil fuels. The Permanent Magnet (PM) Generator provides a cost-effective energy source for businesses to run at a far lower rate than a standard energy company.

The 4th Industrial Revolution marks the rise of “smart” factories that rapidly adapt to using new technology to create efficient systems. Why not utilize an efficient energy source? The PM Generator is energy independent = no reliance on a power company. Power companies in the United States have massive monopolistic control(Federal Energy Regulatory Commission) over the energy and gas markets, with a great deal of the country operating in regulated energy states , where your provider is chosen. The phenomenon of “deregulation” has only been a practice since the 1980s and 90s, and the number of companies to pick from are still slim-picking, despite the various energy choice programs. Since 2020, small businesses have become more aware of monopolistic control. Inflation and other global socioeconomic factors deem reliance on the standard power company for energy uneconomical.

The current power system is AC; to account for economies of scale and service a grid that covers long distances. Traditional substations distribute power throughout the grid system, and electric power distribution is regulated via transformers. Power companies use large power lines to distribute energy safely and avoid obstructions.

The unappealing, large, and unseemly grotesque power lines throughout our environmental landscape are due to safety and cost. Overground power lines are 10x cheaper and carry a capacity 4x stronger than underground power lines. Reality is underground power lines are safer and more effective. In the case of natural disasters, a tree falls or fire (California), for example, can cause city-wide power outages and load disruptions. Efficient systems provide a solution with as little disruption or errors as possible. Underground power lines provide a more efficient power solution.

What if a person desires to be off-grid, or a natural disaster occurs, and their business must respond? The most popular off-grid option is to install solar panels on top of your building. Solar is not an end-all-be-all; there are areas throughout the world that receive little to no sunlight. The other popular option is wind turbines coupled with a generator. Wind turbines, however, work optimally; when you have a large amount of square footage to place the turbines. One of the most efficient options is to utilize a generator. The standard generator operates on diesel, gas, propane, or natural gas.

The Standard Generator usually has three standard phases, 120 degrees apart. The PM Generator has nine phases 10 degrees apart. Thus, more stable power output. Any business that requires little downtime will benefit from the increased efficiency associated with a PM Generator. The PM Generator has no carbon footprint in wind or water applications. Not to mention, the PM Generator is adaptable to solar equipment. Furthermore, the PM Generator is lighter than existing generators.

As mentioned before, most power originates from alternating current generators. AC or DC is dependent on the flow of electrons — AC, alternating current, is when electrons flow back and forth; DC, direct current, is when electrons flow in one direction. The design of a PM Generator is unique; it is an AC Generator rectified to have DC output. This enables the PM Generator to be adaptable to battery charging applications.

Our Generators

Businesses want higher energy at a lower cost. Why did the manufacturing industry opt to shift toward automation? Businesses want efficiency. The PM Generator has been tested rigorously and received an outstanding 92.3% efficiency rating. The generator is small in design, making it transportable, and has zero cogging. The standard generator requires a great deal of torque compared to the PM Generator. The PM Generator is the perfect choice for industries utilizing either natural gas or traditional fuels.

Infinity Industrial believes in the power of the PM Generator. The 15 or 50-kilowatt generators are in production, and the 100- and 250-KW generators are in development. Why would a small business want a PM Generator? The PM Generator is the future of power!